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The King of Comfort

Nice is Malaysian leading executive coach giving our passengers luxurious comfort. Nice is the most frequent executive coach services from Kuala Lumpur which includes KTM, Putrajaya and Puchong. Nice also departs from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and Johor Bahru. The most frequent departures are to Penang and Johor Bahru. Timely departures. The bus movements are fully monitored by the Control Room by using a GPS. Nice is a friendly bus service with experienced & disciplined drivers.

A Luxurious Journey

Luxurious Seating

With spacious and comfortable interior, our coaches offer individual seatbelts. (2+1) VIP seats, plug points and many other creature comforts making your journey with us a memorable one.

On board services

Our Passengers will be able to watch a selection of movies inside the bus using the built in entertainment system.

Service Pantry

Our drivers are well trained. They are friendly with the customers. The drivers are able to communicate well with the passengers. They are experienced in driving the bus and are very disciplined.

Safety our priority

Our Nice coaches are designed with emergency exits located on the driver side in case of emergencies. By putting safety our outmost priority our coaches are well
maintained and our drivers are well trained to give you the best possible safety assurance.

Providing luxurious, comfortable and safe coaches Nice would be your choice for your travels.

Nicer Travels

Monitored Safety

Our coaches are monitored constantly via GPS Monitoring throughout its journeys. Coupled will well trained drivers and individual seatbelts we offer peace of mind to our passengers in their travels with us.

Fleet Maintenance

Our coaches are regularly maintained with stringent scheduling for servicing in the process making sure Nice coaches minimizes risk associated with technical and mechanical issues during its routes making sure on our
departure and arrival times are kept.

Luxury, Comfort and Convenience

Nice coaches provide not just luxury in terms of cabin interior but also comfort where we offer VIP seats (2+1) for more options to our passengers plus blanket & pillows not forgetting individual plug points
for charging gadgets during your travel with us.

Routine Checkup

Our buses are periodically and diligently sent for routine checkups to prevent any mishaps while on the road. Our experience and over 30 years in the business, ensures that you are travelling in vehicles that have been inspected, maintained and well kept for maximum comfort and safety!
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